Meet Our Team

The Dowerin Community Club is overseen by a Management Commitee of nine members, who meet monthly to steer the direction of the organisation, to the benefit of its members. All Committee members are volunteers, who take time out of their personal and professional lives to assist with the management and operation of this much valued community facility.


Committee Members

President Brent Walsh
Vice President Shea Donegan
Administrator (Secretary/Treasurer) Jo Holberton
Committee Member Deanna Hansen
Committee Member Corey Flavel
Committee Member Todd Quartermaine
Committee Member Frances Anderson
Committee Member Kim Quartermaine
Committee Member Christiana Paterson

Management Team

The day-to-day operations of the DCC are handled by a management team comprising of a Club Manager, and Kitchen Manager, as well as a group of valued casual employees and volunteers.

Club Manager


Suzy Crippen

Kitchen Manager/Bar Manager Bianca Collard

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